Smart governance for a changing world


Our Mission

We live in times of transformative change. The global order is shifting dramatically. Along all paradigms - technological, political, economic, social and environmental – we see disruptive shifts.

The role of governments has never been more challenging. Governments now must navigate an environment in flux, both creating opportunity and minimizing risk.

Policymaking is a complex field, requiring equal parts art and science, as well as a grasp over the many dynamic forces of polity, society, economy and technology.

We endeavor to give governments quality assistance in strategizing and navigating through disruptive shifts.

Who we are?

We are a premium advisory service working on new paradigms in governance. We bring deep and global expertise in policymaking and technology.

We also assist startups in developing products for the public sector and in understanding complex regulatory environments.

We have extensive, real-world expertise in the blockchain sector and work at the cutting edge of designing policy and regulation in the sector. We believe that blockchain offers a highly compelling test case of futuristic regulation and the ability of governments to cope with rapid technological development.

About the Founder

Tanvi Ratna brings premium, global and interdisciplinary experience in blockchain and policymaking. She has worked across the blockchain ecosystems of 7+ leading global countries, from policymakers and regulators, to startups hubs and enterprises. These encompass leading blockchain countries such as Switzerland, the USA, Germany, France, Netherlands, UAE, India and others.

She was formerly Blockchain lead at EY where she handled government and enterprise projects. She is also a cryptocurrency regulations specialist and part of the prestigious 2019 US-India Fellows on Public Interest Technologies with the New America Foundation, Washington D.C.

She has had a long career of policy work for leading global decision-makers including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the US Foreign Affairs Committee on Capitol Hill, and several ministries and state governments in India, handling policy design, execution and liaison in live complex policy environments.

Her analyses have been featured in leading media houses such as Al Jazeera, CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, The Diplomat, Economic Times, Mint and others.

She holds a Bachelors in engineering from Georgia Tech and a Masters in Public Policy from Georgetown University and the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.

For more details on her experience, analyses and media coverage kindly visit The Founder's Site

About the Founder


What we do?

For Government

Our premium experience in policymaking and in-depth know-how of the rapidly evolving blockchain industry, makes us a highly resourceful firm for governments who are looking at designing best-in-class blockchain policies. We can assist governments with the following services: 

For Startups

Legitimate blockchain startups and companies also need help navigating through the complex world of global blockchain regulation. With our extensive experience in the government sector as well as premium Big 4 consulting experience, we can actively support startups in: